Ways to Choose the Best DJ Headphones

Ways to Choose the Best DJ Headphones
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Headphones come in many shapes and sizes that it becomes confusing to choose which one is the best for you. Sometimes, choosing a headphone is not just a matter of price because the best headphone for you is the product that will suit your needs.

There are many types of headphones nowadays – wireless, in-monitor, on-ear, noise reduction and so forth – but which one is the best?

Here are tips on how to find the perfect DJ headphone to simplify your options:

Identify the sound quality that you want to have.

When choosing a headphone, you must first know what kind of sound quality you would want. For sound quality, you will need to ask yourself: do I want my music loud and thumping bass or do I want to experience the feeling of watching an opera?

Your preferred musical style might also be different from others and will require a headset that can deliver a full range of notes and tonality.

Determine the form that suits your needs.

There are many types of earphones but they can be classified into two ways. There are headphones that are placed inside the ear and there are those that are placed on the ear. Either way, choose a form that suits your lifestyle and work conditions.

If you want to listen to music while you’re running, then an in-ear headphone might be the best for you. If you are a gamer, then an on-ear headphone is probably the best choice.

Earphones that are placed on the ear have two other types. If you just want a good listening experience while working, then an on-ear headphone will do the trick. The on-ear headphone has ear pads that are placed on the ear and are usually cushioned.

Full-size headphones, on the other hand, can cover the entire ear so that external noise is completely blocked out.

Know the difference between noise cancellation and noise isolation.

Noise canceling headphones are those that fit on the entire ear and do not allow any kind of noise to enter the spaces in between your ear pads. They will totally block off noise that will make you detached from your surroundings. If this is your goal, then go for the full headphones.

Noise isolation has the same effect as noise cancellation but requires an extra set of batteries. Isolation occurs when a physical seal is wrapped around the ears to keep the noise out.

Can your headphone endure your daily activities?

If you are a sound technician or a DJ, then choose the headset that can endure all your activities. DJs know that the sound quality that they will be needing is wide-ranged and accurate. They also need a headset with sturdy cords that can stay intact even when moving around constantly.

Determine if you need your headphone for multitasking.

Other DJs prefer going wireless just to remove the hassle of dealing with wires and cords. The wireless headphone is also great if you are a multitasker and need to do many things at once, in many places, all at the same time. Headphones that have no wires will enable you to move freely and without worrying about staying in once place. Wireless headphones also eliminate the problem of breaking the cord, which is the first thing that breaks.

How comfy do you want to be?

Comfort level depends on each person with a unique purpose for using a headphone. When a headphone is used for sound mixing and editing, headphones should have memory foam so that the ear pad is placed securely and without discomfort. Headphones for longer use should also be light, or else the user will feel pain on his head and ears.

When traveling, make sure that headsets will give you a pleasant experience. Usually, noise reduction earphones are best, especially when seated with a noisy baby on a plane. Sleeping with full earphones, however, will be difficult.

When selecting the right DJ headphone, try it out first for 15 minutes before purchasing it. This way, you can test the sound quality and the level of comfort. Give yourself time in choosing what you want because it’s all about achieving the complete listening experience.

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