Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones
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Made by drummer professionals, the Vic Firth headphones are perfect for drummers and musicians that want to isolate sound and perform without perforating their ear drums with high volume and high-frequency mixing. Instruments can be played better and performance is improved.

These Vic Firth headphones isolate noise as much as 24 decibels so that the ears are protected from the noise from the outside. Drummers can hear themselves play as well as the music played by other band mates without distracting noise. The product also comes with a cord that is 6 feet long, so movement is unrestrained.


  • Can protect musicians from high volume created by other instruments
  • Automatically reduces external sound before it reaches the ear
  • Protects musicians’ ears from potential damage
  • Comes with a self-aligning 6-feet straight cord
  • Ear pads come with soft and wide cushions for comfort

These headphones are designed by musicians themselves and are made to fit the needs of people who play instruments. The headphones are also appropriate for use in recording studios or portable studios used in jamming sessions.


Many drum enthusiasts and players love this product because with their old headphones, listening to other instruments was hard. Other instruments seem to be overlapped by the sound of the drums and it very difficult to catch on.

When drumming to accompany music on a playlist, the headphone was found to be handy and sound quality was clear and well-modulated. Another user agreed and said that he finally was able to use his electric drums with a decent headphone set.

Buyers of the product liked the noise reduction feature. There was another user who mowed the lawn while wearing the headset. He said that he was able to run the mower while listening to music without hearing the noise outside.

Another user liked the experience of using his headset because there was enough comfort on his head. The headphones were light and did not feel too tight. He also liked that the earphones automatically modulated high-frequency sounds, which added to the comfort of listening at work. He can easily transport the headphones as it fits well in his backpack. He was also able to use it while in the plane during travel.

The headphones were also found to be sturdy and economical for the price. Some musicians observed that the price was higher compared to other headphones, but didn’t mind the additional cost because they felt that their ears were being protected.

For many drummers who spend hours on rehearsals and stage performances, the headphone was able to withstand the long hours and exhaustive use. Many drummers who already suffered ear damage were happy that it was able to help them play with greater accuracy. They also said that the product was light and can be worn even in hot weather or hours of intense playing.

One non-musician was happy to use the product to mute out engine and machine noise. He thought that the headphones were only intended for drummers but were happy to find out that he can mute out heavy machine sounds. He was having a hard time focusing in his very noisy workplace and found relief by using the product.


A customer was disappointed that his purchased headphones had a flimsy wire. He said that he had to repair it with tape but did not do the job after several uses. He said that the manufacturers should improve the quality of the wire to complement an otherwise good product.

The customer was also frustrated that the sound reduction system failed. He purchased the headphone to protect himself from destructive outside noise, but the quality of the sound was so bad that he had to turn up the volume. He was expecting that the volume would adjust automatically but was deeply frustrated that he still had to turn up the sound.

For a drummer, he turned up the volume of his headphones and still couldn’t hear what he was playing. He also did not hear the other instruments playing.


The majority of users were very satisfied with the product. In fact, 57 percent of buyers gave it a 5-star rating. Many of them commended the product’s excellent quality and the good sound that it produced. Most of them were looking for noise reduction headphones and were satisfied with the product. Even non-musicians found it helpful in getting rid of distracting external noise.

However, the cord might present a problem if the user is not careful. It cannot be replaced and use of the product would require special handling.

All in all, the Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones is still well-recommended for noise reduction and protection from ear damage. It can eliminate outside noise and fit well on the user’s ear.

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