Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over The Ear Review

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over The Ear Review
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These days, everyone loves to wear stylish look and lightweight headphones and listen to their favorite music when they are traveling or working out in the gym. If you are looking for a wireless headphone with a stylish design which allows easy connectivity with TVs, smart phones, tablets and other devices you can opt for the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear.

You will be able to enjoy a balanced and detailed sound with this product from Mpow. The noise isolation by this headphone design gives the user immersive sound experience. The built-in mic allows hands-free call and this will help you in multitasking. The dual mode, use offered by this product helps the user to switch between the wired and wireless modes when needed.

You can enjoy more than 13 hours of wireless playback with this product. With the help of an audio cable, you can use it as a wired headphone. This is a headphone which offers good audio quality and wearing comfort to the user. Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset from Mpow is easy to carry when you are traveling as they come with a convenient foldable design. The product package includes the headset, audio cable, charging cable, user manual and packing bag.


Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear comes with very useful features which make it one of the best products among Bluetooth headphones available in the market.

  • Crystal clear audio – The CSR chip and CVC6.0 noise reduction technology used in Mpow Bluetooth headphones offers Hi-Fi sound
  • Ergonomic design – The soft and skin friendly protein leather design of the ear muffs helps it to fit snugly and comfortably to the ears of the user
  • Built-in microphone – This headphone comes with built-in microphone which allows easy hands-free calling using smart phones
  • Easy dual – mode use- It can be used both as wired and wireless headphones
  • Durability – the headband which is padded and slider made of stainless steel provides better durability
  • Foldable design – The foldable design offers easy storage of the item or to carry them while traveling


The pros of Mpow Bluetooth headphones include

  • Clear sound and conversation
  • Good talking and playback time
  • More than 13 hours playback time with 4 hours charging
  • Foldable design offers easy portability
  • Durable anti-scratch finish
  • Avoids circuit noise and echo while using the mic
  • Offers blue tooth range of 10 meters
  • The headphones offer nice tight fit
  • Offers good value for money
  • Keeps the background noise out
  • Can be used comfortably for hours


The cons of Mpow Bluetooth headphones are very few when compared to the pros offered by this product.

  • Do not produce deep bass
  • Do not offer an active noise cancellation

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Mpow Bluetooth headphones are the best product at an entry level price with good build quality, quality sound, and long-lasting battery. You will not feel any distortion or crackling of sound when you use this quality product from Mpow. If you want to use the headphones with different devices this is a good choice as it offers easy connectivity with different types of devices. The headband can be adjusted according to the head size of the user to get a comfortable position.

The soft ear pads and cross support with pads is very soft on the ear and do not become too tight or sweaty.  With noise rejection and surround sound, you can enjoy a clean and rich sound. This product will be highly useful for daily use for hours. The flat ear cups make it possible to lie on the pillow with the headphones on.

The foldable feature works great and offers convenience to carry it around. The user controls on one side allow easy control of volume, track selection, play, pause, etc.  The audio cues provided by the product help in the easy use of the headphones. This headphone works well in wireless and wired mode. The built-in mic offers clear sound when you are making calls.


Avantree DUAL Mode Bluetooth 4.0 Over Ear Headphones which is similar to Mpow Bluetooth headphones in its features doesn’t come with head band padding and this could be uncomfortable when used for long hours. The headphone can work for 40 hours after single charging. Though this product offers connectivity to multiple devices when you connect it to phone and computer, you may not find it functioning the way you expected. This product does not offer noise cancelling, but will reduce outside disturbances.

This is not suitable for traveling purpose as they are not foldable. Premium MS301Mixcder Wireless & Wired V4.2 Over Ear Bass Noise Isolation Headphones cannot sync with two devices at the same time, but this product offers comfort and stable Bluetooth transmission. The design is not suited for office use, but is suitable for travelers as the model is foldable.

Though the performance of Mpow headphone is similar to Avantree dual mode Bluetooth headphones and Premium MS301Mixcder Wireless & Wired phones, Mpow Bluetooth headphones come with better affordable pricing. You will be able to enjoy the same features as that of the other two products with a lesser price when you opt for Mpow product. They are more suited for home and office use.


Mpow Bluetooth Headphones with over the ear is extremely comfortable to use and offers the necessary features like connect to different bluetooth devices, durability, sound quality, long lasting battery, etc., at a convenient and affordable price range. The user’s manual provided along with the package help in safely using the product. The product comes in convenient dimension. You can watch TV, listen to music, play games, and chat with your friends with clarity sound using this device. You can easily switch to the wired mode when the battery is low.

The wireless mode helps you to use the product while you are traveling. In short, this is a product which gives the features you are expecting from a Bluetooth headphone without costing much. If you are looking for a high performing product with cool design and which is safe for your ears, then the Hi-Fi Stereo Wireless Headset from Mpow is the first and last choice. You will find this product highly satisfying for your needs.

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