KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones

KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones
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The KRK Studio Headphones are designed specifically for use inside the studio. These headphones are used by music technicians, producers, singers, artists and musicians who want to review or compose with the use of a tool that will give them the best sound quality. KRK has been in the recording business for 25 years.

All characteristics of the headset are made to cater to a person who is technically adept with sound. For example, all the parts are detachable and can be replaced because the manufacturers understand that musicians will use headsets for a long period of time, and subject to a lot of rugged use. The KRK Studio Headphones  also comes with closed ear pads for high-frequency response. Users will be able to hear precise acoustics and tones that are accurate.


  • In-line volume control which is detachable
  • Made with the same top industry standard techniques to produce good studio sound
  • Has a closed back and are aural dynamic
  • Has a newly developed acoustical system
  • Ear pads are built with memory foam for improved reproduction and noise isolation

These headphones are built to produce the natural and wide range of sounds for the critical user. KRK has maintained a good reputation for building dependable monitors and studio equipment that has been trusted by many sound technicians.


Many users gave praise to the accuracy of the sound that the product reproduced. Many users use the headphones at the studio and were pleased with its durability, comfort and a natural sound. They are able to mix well because they can hear the music clearly. They liked the in-line sound control and found it helpful with their work in the studio. They also liked that the cable can be detached and replaced with other cables as they experience the most wear and tear.

One particular user said that he is able to wear the headphones through mixing sessions that can take up to 10 hours. It is comfortable to wear. A buyer was satisfied with the padding on the product’s headband.

Noise reduction was a big help, according to another customer. He said that this feature helps a lot in music production as well as listening to music on his leisure time. He also noted that the product was powerful and produced a sound that was wide-ranged. He was happy that the sound was good both at middle and high frequencies.

A sound engineer warned other users that the product is not mainly designed for altered music or to enjoy sound with strong bass quality. He said that the main purpose of the product is to provide a sound range that is varied and wide for technicians like him to make proper mixing. In his opinion, the KRK headphones are the best to suit the needs of people in his line of work. He suggested that if people would want a listening experience for leisure or to mute out external sounds, the product will serve those purposes but the music will be more natural sounding than mixed.

Another user agreed. She compared the headphones to a microscope where she used the product to listen to the fine details of the music. She also said that this is not a product for those who were looking for heavy bass listening. It was well-appreciated by those who wanted good quality and accurate reproduction that was fit for critical listening.

The KRK Studio Headphones were conveniently used in the studio as well as handheld devices and laptops. The jack can be converted to fit any source of sound in the studio or elsewhere.


Some customers felt discomfort on the head because of the padding attached to the headband. A customer had to make another layer of padding to remove the pinching sensation on top of his head.

There was another user who complained that his headphone did not work well with his iMac. He had to increase the volume for him to listen well. When he did this, he noticed that the sound quality was poor and some sections were loud while some were muted. He also noticed an echo.

The product also failed in producing low-resolution bass that made a buyer frustrated with his headphones. Another customer had the same experience and had his product returned.


For most studio technicians and sound engineers, the KRK Studio Headphones received good reviews. It was able to deliver natural and a wide range of sound. They were able to do their jobs well, including mixing and recording. Most users were also pleased with its durability and bought the product because of its replaceable cables.

Some customers, however, had a hard time using the product with other electronic devices.

The KRK Studio Headphones are designed for music experts mainly and not intended for pure leisurely sound tripping.

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