Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
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The Beyerdynamic Pro is a headphone that is manufactured with German technology and produced to deliver the most accurate and precise sound. It is designed to produce middle and high sound reproduction and has a good bass response.

The headset produces sound quality that is accurate because it delivers precise notes and melodies, as well as accurate sound mixing. It is comfortable to wear because it comes with ear cushions that soften the grip of ear pads to your ear. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 headband can withstand wear and tear and can be used for a long time. The cable is found on only one side and eliminates the hassle of tangling wires when walking or running.

The intensity of the sound is better as this product uses the sound resistance of 250 OHMs. This means that the higher resistance will give a higher quality of sound. Most headphones only have a resistance of 30 OHMs, which will not suit most professional needs.


  • Has closed and diffuse field systems which use bass reflex technology for accurate bass feedback
  • Reproduction is clinically high and mid-range
  • Headband is designed for rugged use
  • Has cable-soft ear cushions that are one sided
  • Has a jack plug 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm adapter that are gold plated
  • Warranty of 2 years given by the manufacturer, only when purchased from an authorized dealer

The Beyerdynamic headphones are fully functional to make the listener hear sounds accurately and comfortably. The product is created to make the listening experience serve the users’ purpose at work or at home. The bass technology will make the listener have a real feel of music or listen to an audiobook without disturbance.


One satisfied customer said that headphones that have 250 Ohm are better than headsets that only have 80 Ohms. The sound accuracy is better with the Beyerdynamic because of the increased resistance that gives a complete feedback of multiple sounds that are mixed together. The quality of hearing is well modulated with the well-performing bass technology.

The same customer was also pleased with the coiled cord which gave him more agility to move around when using the headphones. The cushioned ear pads made him comfortable and he was pleased that it was able to cover the entire ear and gave him a complete and easy to handle listening experience.

As for comfort in travel, the user was also pleased that the headband can be folded and was light to carry. He was able to detach the ear pads easily and slide them back in without difficulty.

Another music fan and a heavy music listener commended the product for fitting snugly on her head even after 17 hours of wearing the product. She said that the sound quality was above average and the cushioned ear pads were great even on hot days when she would sweat. The headband was also a good fit on her head and she did not feel any discomfort while wearing them. Some headphones, she added, made her feel claustrophobic because of the heaviness and tight grip on her head and ears.

She also said that the sound was fairly isolated and she didn’t hear any distracting noises when listening to her favorite tunes. She cited this feature as very important as she works better while listening to music. She then concluded that the purchase was well done and that she was pleased with the excellent quality of the product that suited all her listening needs.

There was a buyer who said that he loved the way noise was called out with these headphones. He said that he would use them to mute out office noise for him to fully concentrate on his desk job. He was able to successfully do so with these headsets and found that he was able to perform better at the office.

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One particular buyer tried to dispute the review of other customers. She said that the product felt heavy on her head and the ear pads did not fit securely in her ear. She said that she felt like her skull was being squeezed and her ears were getting pinched only after half an hour of use. She also noted that the sound quality, when playing pop or electronic mixes, sounded fabricated and did not relay an accurate sound. The high sections sounded fuzzy. She was not happy with the listening experience.


Seventy-five percent of customers were happy with their purchase because of the well-delivered sound quality that is offered by the product. Overall, The Beyerdynamic Pro is worth every dime if the objective is listening to music to cancel out distractions in the workplace or to achieve comfort.

The product is not recommended for people who are uncomfortable with wearing a headband and ear pads that can feel like ear muffs.

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