Are Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof?

Are Bluetooth Headphones Waterproof
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Gone are the days when you used to listen to music using the wired headphones. These days, it is the Bluetooth headphones that are very popular among all the music buffs as it offers them a hassle-free and wireless way to enjoy great sounds and music through their ears.

There is no need to worry about tangling wires, loose audio jacks, and operations by hands, etc., anymore. With the wide range of Bluetooth headsets on offer in the market, listening to music is very comfortable and easy these days.

You just need to fit the headset in your ears and as it is paired with your smart phone or computer, you can listen to music from the system in your ears without connecting a wire to the system. In fact, with the latest Bluetooth waterproof headsets, you can even listen to music while you are swimming or when you are walking in the rain.

How do the bluetooth headphones work?

A Bluetooth headphone will make use of the radio waves to connect to your Smartphone or computer and there is no need for wires and cables. The Bluetooth offers a wire fee short range communication technology through which plenty of products can be operated like the portable speakers, headsets, laptops, smart phones, headphones, etc.

There will be a tiny computer chip that is inside the Bluetooth headphone that has a Bluetooth radio along with the Bluetooth software. This is what establishes the pairing or the connection between the devices.

It is very important for the Bluetooth enabled products to be in close proximity to each other so that they can pair or connect. Once this connection is established, you can listen to the songs on your phone through the wireless bluetooth headphones. The best part is that the single Bluetooth headset can establish a connection with many devices.

Waterproof bluetooth headphones

The headphones technology has seen a whirlwind of changes right from the start. These days it is the new age sports headphones that are making all the bang. These headphones come with a host of features like wireless, bluetooth connection and lightweight options. The lightweight bluetooth headphones are the most preferred medium to listen to music by all headphone users.

They are very convenient to use and is best suited as sports headphones. The main reason why they are chosen by sports enthusiast and fitness freak is that they can listen to music while training without needing to worry that the headphones will get damaged due to the sweat.

These latest versions of headphones are waterproof headphones that can be used while you break a sweat or when you are walking on a rainy day. All you need is to pair the headset with your smart phone and, no matter it is rain or shine, you can listen to non-stop hits for hours without any hassles.

Check water protection ratings

There is no doubt that music lovers will enjoy using the waterproof Bluetooth headphones when they go for swimming or carry our workout activities. But, there needs to be a very good vigil and cautious approach taken from your part when choosing the headphones. The first thing that you need to look into when choosing the best waterproof Bluetooth headphone is its water protection ratings.

The water protection rating will be written as IP accompanies by 2 numbers. The first number that you see after the IP will be from 0 to 6 which represent how safe the headphone is from the dust. The second number that you see will be the one to check its waterproof ability and it will be from 0 to 8. If there is an X added to the earpiece after the IP, then it means that the earpiece only carries a waterproof protection. It will not offer dust protection. Choosing one waterproof Bluetooth headphone with the maximum number rating will offer the strongest water protection.

Tips on choosing waterproof bluetooth headphones

There are plenty of different types, styles and brand of waterproof headphones on offer. As a consumer, you will be totally confused as to which headphone to buy. The first thing you need to do before you step out into the open to buy headphones is to have a budget in mind and also be clear as to what purpose you are looking for a waterproof Bluetooth headphone.

If you are looking to use it while swimming, then you will need to buy the ones that offer the maximum waterproof ratings or water protection ratings. If you are looking for headphones that you need to use while working out in the gym or while jogging or running, then you will need to use one that carries a little bit of dust protection feature as well as one that is sweat resistant.

  • The comfortability factor is an important thing to consider when choosing headphones
  • The headphones must be tangle free and must be very easy to use
  • It is important to choose headphones that have longer battery life and should be ones that last till you complete your workout sessions
  • The Bluetooth range is also very important and you need to choose headphones that offer a maximum Bluetooth range
  • As you will mostly be using your smart phone as the music source, it is important to choose the Bluetooth headphone that is compatible with your version phone
  • If you need good headphones for gym purposes, then buying the in-ear headphones will be a good option
  • The warranty of the headphones is very important and choose ones that offer more than one-year warranty


The best way to find the most suitable waterproof Bluetooth headset is to check out its water-resistant feature. The waterproof headpieces are the best options when you are on a Jet Ski or kayaking or riding on a paddle boat. The headset needs to be maintained above the level of the water in order to enjoy the full functionality of the Bluetooth connectivity.

Most of the latest and the best rated waterproof Bluetooth headphones will work perfectly with the iPhones and Android devices. You can think of going for an in-ear headphone or over-the-ear, waterproof headphone depending on the use, budget, and wearing convenience.

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