AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones
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Austrian manufacturer AKG released another headset that is at par with quality and professional level headphones. This product is the AKG K 240 Studio and is intended for use at a professional studio and is semi-open, giving sound the air to move with space in a recording studio. It is durable and comes in the classic black look as well as a 3-meter replaceable cable.

The K 240 Studio is an update of the K 240 Monitor and provides better sound quality than the older model. The ear pads on this product have built-in XXL transducers that can deliver accurate acoustic sound. They are semi-open and make the ears ventilated, and at the same time the sound is balanced and accurately amplified.

The headband is self-adjusting and follows the contours of your head. The AKG K 240headphones can be worn for a long time for recording sessions. The product is also durable and can be used by DJs while mixing without feeling pain in the ears.


  • Studio headphones used by professionals
  • Has semi-open ear pads
  • Comes with a 3-meter replaceable cable

The product can be also used via computer or gadgets with lower energy sources. It also works well with a portable music studio.


A satisfied buyer was very happy with the product because he was very comfortable with the soft earpads and the adjustable headband. He was relieved that the product did not feel heavy on the head and his ears were not squished underneath the earpads.

In addition, the same customer was also very happy with the sound quality that was clear and without distortions. The headphones delivered sound in a precise and accurate tonality. He also said that the bass was just right and did not hurt his ears when the sound was amplified. With other earphones, the volume had to be raised to be able to get a decent experience, and he didn’t need to do that with the K 240 Studio.

He said that the product is very durable but appreciated that the ear pads, headband, and cord were replaceable. He has owned a headphone made by AKG and has not replaced it for nine years.

Another satisfied customer said that the sound quality from the headphones was very good. She can differentiate the sounds clearly from various instruments as well as the rhythm from drums and clapping. The sound was so clearthat she can differentiate one chorus singer from the other. She even tried to test sound quality at various frequencies and still heard the same good sound quality.

There was a customer who said that the ear pads that were made of vinyl were soft to the ears. He suggested that a separate set of ear pad covering be added to the unit because comfort level would depend on the user.

The bass quality was also commended and one user thought that most headphones would cover up quality with the loudness of the bass. He was particular about the sound from his headset because it was crucial to his work and when playing games during the weekends.

Other gamers agreed that the sound quality from this headset was remarkable. The quality was not too loud and perfect for one gamer who suffered from ear sensitivity. Aside from gaming, the user likes to listen to classical music, and he was able to decipher the orchestra’s instruments with the headset.


The product was given a satisfactory rating due to the bad sound quality that was delivered at high frequency, according to one user. She said that the headphones were not as remarkable as other users claim. She added that at high frequency the sound becomes too loud and harsh.

When the same customer put the music at a lower frequency, the sound became too quiet and tonality was difficult to capture. She tried to use it with her MP3 player and had to put the volume to maximum just to make the music audible.

Another customer complained that her headset had treble that was distorted and the bass was too weak.


The K 240 Studio is a good buy and a versatile headphone that can be used in the studio and can also be used when listening to music at home or for gaming. The AKG K 240 is versatile and received approval from 65 percent of its customers. Many agree that this product is reasonably priced and delivers good sound quality for any kind of listening.

Amid the complaints that the sound is below par, the product still stands out as one of the better ones in the market.

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