Buying Guide for the Best DJ Headphone

Buying Guide for the Best DJ Headphone
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Headphones are basically minimized speakers that fit into your ear. It is plugged into an electronic gadget and is equipped to provide your listening needs. These needs may be for work or for leisure, and in any case, headphones are now made portable and convenient to use by people.

Some people need to listen to music as they work. The kind of work may vary from mowing the lawn or listening to perk up an otherwise dull work day. You must know the type of headphone that will fit into your daily activity, and this will, in turn, dictate the sound quality that is required.

Secondary to sound quality is comfort while the headphone is in your ear. The device that produces the music, whether it is a music player or a recording studio, should be able to deliver the sound in your most comfortable state. This will help you get by work or leisure well and the purpose of listening to sound is fulfilled.

Other sound specialists may require a special kind of headphone that is different from the average music listener. These specialists would require a sound quality that is industry-grade and can cover a wide span. Specialists and people engaged in music critiquing will need noise cancellation and low base resolution headphones.

DJs would need headphones to hear themselves and others while in a recording studio, during a performance or in a radio booth. They will use headphones or in-ear monitors to hear what is going on. Noise from the outside will have to be muted out for them to hear clearly.

Types of Headphones

Earphones and In-ear monitors

They look like ear plugs that fit inside the ear canal or rest comfortably in the bowls of your ear. They are made small and can cancel outside noise. Listening is made easier and sound quality is clear. Many DJs and sound technicians prefer in-ear monitors for hearing sounds in a more convenient way as they provide the highest level of comfort. It can be used even when sleeping and is most useful when you want to relax. There is a tendency of it falling off your ear because the silicone covering can slip. If the earphone is just outside your ear canal, the foam can also slip from the earpiece.

On-ear headphones

Headphones that are placed on top of the ear provide a more comprehensive sound quality. DJs actually prefer using this type since it covers the entire ear. They usually prefer the type that has ear pads placed on the ear instead of the type that wraps the entire ear. DJs would still need to hear the sound from the outside when mixing tunes. They also prefer headphones that can be used with a single ear.

Full headphones have bigger ear pads. They wrap the entire ear and have a memory cushion that follows the contour of the ear.


The headset is a headphone with an attached microphone. These are usually used to make hands-free conversations. The sound quality is clear and noise cancellation is also a feature of headsets. They can also produce accurate and wide-ranging sounds.

How to Choose a Headphone

Choosing a headphone can be confusing and an arduous task. There are so many types available in the market that selecting the right one can be time-consuming, especially for a newbie. With so many details to consider,it can be hard to determine which product is superior to the other.

There are many specifications that will also make the item more expensive. If you do not know what your listening requirements are, then you might end up spending more for features that you don’t really need.

People with specific music needs, like DJs who use headsets in long working hours, need headsets that provide accurate and wide-ranging sound without compromising the quality in varying frequencies. Their work requires them to hear sounds in detailed manner and it must be heard in good quality, even with the outside noise.

Sound technicians also have specific needs for headphones. There are products that are specifically designed for studio use. These headphones reproduce sound in their most natural state and are not enhanced with bass or additional amplification. Technicians need this in order to critique the music and see the areas that will be needing enhancement for mixing. They will also need this in order to successfully combine various instruments and achieve the right kind of balance.

For all users, comfort is another crucial factor to consider. Most on-ear headsets come with ear pads with cushions to avoid discomfort. There are other headsets that adjust the sound automatically to protect the ears from perforation.

Here is a simple guide to follow for you to pick the right headphone for your needs.

Know your preferred sound quality.

Do you need the sound that is far ranging? Do you want to play music at high volumes and increased bass? These are the questions that you will need to ask yourself to determine what listening experience is suited for you.

If you have sensitive ears, an earphone with modulated tonality might be the best. Sound sensitive ears might also require noise isolation.

There are other factors that you would need to consider when identifying sound quality. You will have to check out product reviews and study product features to be able to distinguish one headphone from the other.

Know the form of headphone that will fit your daily routine.

If listening to music is a daily requirement for you, then you must know what form is best. Headphones are generally classified into two categories. These are in-ear headphones or on-ear headphones. If you like listening to music as you do your workout, then a wireless earphone might be best suited for you.

Multitaskers might need Bluetooth headsets that do not have wires or cables hanging around them. Doing many tasks all at once while listening to music are activities that might be a burden if you were using a full headphone. Most wireless headsets can deliver the same quality as an earphone and ear buds are inserted into the ear canal and remove noise from the outside.

However, if you just want a good listening experience while working at your desk, then an on-ear headphone will suffice. The on-ear headphone has ear pads that are placed on the ear and are usually cushioned.

Full-size headphones, on the other hand, can cover the entire ear so that external noise is completely blocked out. You can use this if you want to mute out outside distractions and noisy office chatter. It is also the preferred headphone by gamers who want to have the surround sound feel while playing.

Make sure if you want the noise to be canceled or isolated.

Most people do not know the difference between noise cancellation and noise isolation. The two, actually, are similar in muting out outside noise, but will vary in price and quality.

If you want to totally remove outside distractions, then you can opt for a headphone with noise cancellation feature. This kind of headset has ear pads that wrap the entire ear so the gap will not let noise to enter your ear. Some earphones also have this kind of feature, especially those that go deep into the ear canal.

Noise isolation headphones do not remove all outside noise completely. You can still hear faint sounds from your surroundings. These headphones also require batteries.

Endurance is key.

Check the cables hooked up to your ear piece. Headphones should be able to endure the pressures of your daily movement. If you use headphones and are always on the go, the headphones should be able to bear the wear and tear of your rugged movements. Some earpieces fall off right away when they are not packed in properly and the cords tend to break. These are the parts that break easily. To save time and money, read product reviews and see how consumers rate its durability.

There are headphones that come with retractable and self-adjusting headbands. Some headbands can be replaced, although the plastic interiors are durable and last long. Earpads are also known to last long but can be replaced as well.

After thorough research and narrowing down your choices, test the headphone for at least 15 minutes to have a general feel of your listening experience. Be critical of the parts. It is best if the headset has parts that can be replaced, especially the cord.

Get the right features for the right value.

Knowing the right features that will suit your lifestyle will save you a lot of money. If you are thinking of a headphone that is designed for a studio or for a DJ in a sound booth, then this is not the product for you. Prioritize the features that are most important. The most important features of your headphone should match your daily activity and your work environment.

Noise isolation headphones will cost more money because of the additional batteries and a full headphone might perform the same way. The cost difference between the two headsets is significant.

Taking Care of Your Headset

For most headsets, the cord can easily break. Make sure that the cords are properly tied before tucking them in your bag. Usually, headphones that are left hanging by the desktop are not advisable because the cords will end up tangled and broken. Be careful of abusing your headset and do not smash the earpiece. The magnet that is found inside the drivers is sensitive and can break at impact.

Earphones are exceptionally sensitive to wear and tear. The casing tends to split open if they are not packed properly. Silicone covering of earplugs has a tendency to slip off too. To avoid this, carefully pack your earphones in a separate case before tucking it back in your bag.

Best DJ Headphones

Based on consumer reviews and buyer ratings, here is a list of top headphones that suit many types of people.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50xMG Limited Edition Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

Being the best studio headphone available in the market, this product has pads that are placed on the ear for a complete sound experience. The level of sound reproduction is industry grade, especially as the manufacturer is famous for making quality products.


  • Has large-aperture drivers
  • Made with wire coils made of copper and aluminum
  • Has accurate sound reproduction that is clear and wide-ranging
  • Outside noise is isolated due to earpads that are wrapped around the ear
  • Ear cups can swivel 180 degrees
  • Makes one-ear monitoring easy
  • Headband and ear pads are durable and can withstand rugged movement
  • Has two-channel audiophile
  • Great matte gray finish


  • Quality not different from other headsets with half the price
  • Bass impact is weak

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

The Beyerdynamic Pro is a German-made headset that reproduces sound with clarity and accuracy. During high frequency, the bass impact does not hurt the ear drum but has a quality that is top notch.

It is highly recommended by DJs and sound technicians as it delivers precise tonality for accurate sound mixing. The sounds are distinctly reproduced and mixers can easily identify beats and rhythm that complete the musical piece. Its earpiece comes with ear cushions that gently hold ear pads in place.

The headband is sturdy and the cable is single-sided for easier movement. The product’s adaptor can fit outlets of various sizes and even small devices.



  • Accurate bass feedback and subtle to the ears
  • Can be used for listening up to 17 hours without discomfort
  • Ear cushions are soft and cable is single sided
  • Can handle high to mid-range sound
  • Gold plated 3.5 mm and 6.35 mm adapter
  • Sturdy and flexible headband
  • Comes with two-year warranty
  • Produces well-modulated sound with resistance of 250 OHMs
  • Has noise reduction feature


  • Headband too tight
  • Did not deliver good sound at high frequency

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AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

The product is made in Austria and is well known for delivering quality sound in the studio. The product’s performance is professional and it managed to produce excellent quality with fine tonality and better acoustic sound. Aside from its good sound reproduction, it is durable and has a 3-meter replaceable cable. The product has a classic black finish.


  • Quality is similar to the K 240 Monitor
  • Ear pads have built-in XXL transducers
  • Semi-open ear pieces for more spacious listening
  • Headband is self-adjusting
  • Has 3-meter replaceable cable
  • Optimum sound quality that makes distinct sounds from different sources
  • Good acoustic delivery that is perfect for gaming
  • Comfortable ear pads that are lined with comfortable cushion
  • Self-adjusting headband


  • Poor sound quality at high frequency
  • Hard to use with portable music devices

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

This is a headset that is designed by drummers for use of music professionals to increase their performance level. It is a self-modulating headphone that enables drummers to hear their beats while at the same time to hear other instruments clearly. Noise reduction is as much as 24 decibels to protect the ears. The product’s cord is 6 feet long.


  • Other instruments’ sounds are well-heard
  • Musical accompaniment is easier
  • Can protect the ears with self-modulating feature
  • Can protect musicians from high volume created by other instruments
  • Has a 6-feet straight cord that aligns itself
  • Comfortable and soft ear cushions


  • Wire is flimsy and easily breaks
  • Failing sound reduction mechanism
  • Other instruments cannot be heard
  • Noise reduction is weak

KRK KNS8400 Studio Headphones

For sound experts and music technicians, the KRK Studio Headphones are designed specifically for their use. Other experts such as producers, singers, artists and musicians use this headphone because of the natural and clear sound quality.

KRK has been in the recording business for 25 years and is a trusted brand in the music industry. All of the parts of the headphone can be detached and replaced to ensure the product’s long life. The ear pads are closed for accurate sound reproduction and the acoustic quality is well-delivered.


  • Detachable in-line volume control
  • Best used in recording studios, in controlled sound environment
  • Has a developed aural system for clear reproduction
  • Ear pads lined with memory foam
  • Can be used for sessions up to 10 hours
  • Has good-performing noise reduction
  • Good bass quality
  • Clear and natural sound for critical listening


  • Padding attached to the headband is uncomfortable
  • Does not work well with an iMac
  • Can’t produce low-resolution bass sounds


Good sound quality will only be achieved by using the right equipment. With the properly selected headphone, the listening experience will be achieved. Listening to music, whether at home or for work, entails a good match between your personal activities and the need to listen. Be careful of buying headphones that seem to have fancy features and make sure that you make a practical purchase by clearly defining your needs.